Holiday Cakes

We love holidays and LOVE creating special cakes!

We truly believe our cakes can be the main decoration on a holiday table!

“The core of beauty is simplicity”. Paulo Coehlo

We love adding unique details bringing a new light to everyday cakes.

Decoration – wafer paper.

Photo by Holger Obenaus

Underneath this beauty we hide moist vanilla fluffy cake covered with chocolate! It can be a great surprise and perfect addition for any occasion!

Every cake is unique and made with a lot of LOVE.

Decoration – wafer paper.

Photo by Holger Obenaus

Christmas Tree 2021

Rich, flavourful honey cake under chocolate cover, hidden under edible wafer paper leaves decorated with matcha tea.

It comes with lights, in a very nice clear box – what a great gift!

Another special from MyOrganicBakery for the Christmas time!

Fluffy vanilla-chocolate cake decorated with wafer paper flakes.

Looks magical with the lights on and can be a great gift and decoration of the holiday table!

Carrot cake is our Must Try and we love decorating it with carrot meringues for Thanksgiving!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these super cute ghosts? Choose between pumpkin mousse cake or chocolate pumpkin with honey or vanilla cake inside. Every pumpkin is unique and hand made.

We love Halloween and happy to make you a special cake or a big ghost family!