Lectin and Refined Sugar Free

We are very happy to see you on this page! We use various lectin free flours and swerve (erythritol) as a sweetener, or a combination with monk fruit. For cakes we love cassava flour the most, while almond and coconut for cookies.

Mr. Brownie “Experimental

Fluffy layers made with cassava flour generously softened with vanilla cream frosting and enriched with bitter-sweet brewed from scratch chocolate ganache. How does it sound?

This is a kind of the cake that you eat without worrying about calories, because swerve has 0 in it, and cassava flour is the one your gut will be happy.

Yes, dessert can be healthy!

Starts $80 for 6 inch (8-10 people)

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Variation of Ultimate Chocolate cake made with cassava flour and bitter-sweet freshly brewed chocolate ganache.

We added chocolate cream to make it even more chocolate. Bitter truffles are one more reason to have this cake on your dessert table!

Starts $80 for 6 inch (8-10 people)

Almond sandwich “Yum-Yum”

Once you try Almond Yum, you will crave them!

Made with almond flour, swerve sweetener and homemade chocolate – these sandwiches are a number one snack for the kids and adults.

You will get good fats and protein from almond flour, good support for your gut from erythritol and a bunch of antioxidants from Belgian cocoa.

Enjoy and stay healthy!

$8 per sandwich, minimum 6.

Chocolate-Coconut Cookies

Refined sugar free, made with almond flour, coconut flakes, cocoa butter and 100% dark Belgian chocolate ganache frosting. Yum!

$30 for half a dozen

Chocolate Cookies with Ganache Frosting

Refined sugar free, made with almond flour, covered with bitter sweet Belgian chocolate ganache frosting.

$30 for half a dozen