Puff Pastry Cakes

Napoleon Cake

Classic Russian cake – buttery puff pastry layered with vanilla custard.

You will have zero resistance to the calories because this cake is one of the best ever created! You can enjoy it crusty right after assembling, 2-3 hours later for soft yet crispy texture and even keep a slice for the next day – the cake will be whole vanilla-buttery-melting in the mouth perfectness.

We introducing it in MyOrganicBakery and recommending same day order for complete experience. We also using grass-fed Irish butter for this cake.

$80 for 3 pounds cake (serves 10-12 people)

Mr. Puffy Berry Cake

This is version of Napoleon cake with berry jam.

It is very difficult to say, which one is better. Both amazing, mouth watering and worth a try!

You may see on the picture how the cake looks like right after assembling and after sitting a few hours.

$90 for 3 pounds cake (serves 10-12 people)