Sponge Cakes

We LOVE sponge cakes! They are rich in flavor, come with a filling or berries and have cream cheese frosting.

We have plenty options available but happy to accommodate to your taste within our concept. The below top 5 are our best sellers and “Must Try”.

All cakes have gluten-free option, there is no surcharge for gluten-free cakes. We are making your life sweet!

Peanut, Corn, Soy, Palm and Vegetable oil FREE.

Carrot Cake “Happy Me”

This is the best of the best, must have, must try, must repeat! A bunch of walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice along with freshly brewed caramel filling and delicately sweet cream frosting. You will never have enough, just so good!

If you do not know what to choose from – don’t hesitate to start with carrot cake, however, it is the one very difficult to beat!

$85 for 6 inches (serves 10-12 people)

$140 for 8 inches (serves up to 20 people)

*Contains: Tree Nuts (walnuts and pecans)

**design may slightly vary

Spinach Cake “Summertime Freshness”

One of the first cakes designed in MyOrganicBakery! Though we call it spinach, this cake will conquer a lemon lovers’ heart.

Generous lemon flavor from lemon zest, amazing green color because of spinach and bright yellow lemon curd, a perfect addition to sweetness.

$85 for 6 inches (serves 10-12 people)

$140 for 8 inches (serves up to 20 people)

*design may slightly vary

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Rich, moist made with Belgian cocoa cake has a decent layer of dark chocolate ganache and covered with vanilla cream frosting.

This is our best seller for kids’ birthday parties! It is amazing how the kids love dark Belgian chocolate. The cake that does not know word “leftover”.

$85 for 6 inches (serves 10-12 people)

$140 for 8 inches (serves up to 20 people)

Triple- Chocolate Truffle Cake

If you can eat chocolate like Winnie the Pooh eats honey – this cake is for you!

Made with Belgian chocolate: white, milk and dark, so no worries what kind to choose! Soft, moist chocolate sponge cake made with Belgian cocoa is very rich in flavour on its own.

Decorated with merengue and signature truffle.

$90 for 6 inches (serves 8-10 people)

$150 for 8 inches (serves 16-20 people)

Coconut-Almond Cake “Crispy Crisp”

Soft, moist, rich coconut cake with almond croustillant between two layers and fluffy coconut cream is generously sprinkled with coconut flakes and decorated with chocolate Bon Bons.

You will be amazed how soft cake comes along with crispy chocolate-almond notes.

$85 for 6 inches (serves 8-10 people)

$140 for 8 inches cake (serves 16-20 people)