The Concept

The Concept

MyOrganicBakery was created as a result of passion to bake and desire to bring a healthy lifestyle to the world of sweets.

There are events in our life where we can’t avoid desserts. In MyOrganicBakery we incorporate organic ingredients and show that dessert can be bright, rich in flavour, and healthy at the same time. Mother Nature provides us with amazing resources that we are thrilled to use in our recipes. When working with natural colours, sometimes, it takes longer to get necessary results, however, this is inspiring to know we are doing good for people and Mother Nature. There are many resources we can use and we continue to experiment every day.

In MyOrganicBakery we create desserts from scratch for any occasion and for people with different diets. Being on this path for a long time, much has been learned about food. All desserts are made with organic ingredients and delicately sweet. We do not compromise on any ingredient in our recipes and use pasture-raised eggs, A2 milk, pure Irish butter from grass-fed cows, avocado, olive, coconut, walnut oils. We are peanut free and avoiding corn and soy whenever possible.

Most of desserts have gluten-free options. All cookies are gluten and lectin free! We also have refined sugar free and vegan menu.

MyOrganicBakery is creative cooking lab, where chemistry along with passion bring together harmony and unique results.